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About: Humor helps. I'm pro recovery and I have anxiety myself. This is meant to shed some light on anxiety and let us all connect and realize we're not alone. If you need anything feel free to message me, and if you have any gifs or ideas submit them(:

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I love your page, but I wanted to know how helpful therapy is? I have pretty extreme anxiety and I just want my life back. How often do you go? Is it worth it?

Hi! Therapy can be very effective. How often I’ve gone fluxuates. I went every week when I was in a really rough spot, every other week or every few weeks for about a year, and now I just go if I feel I need it every few months. Ask doctors and do research about the kind of therapists in your area so you feel most comfortable. Therapy is most effective if it’s with someone you feel comfortable with and in a good setting for you.

Anonymous asked: Hey so i saw a video about a girl who has GAD. She said she had this feeling of impending doom and i saw on a mental health advice blog some common symptoms of anxiety and i dont match any of it. I dont feel impending doom or heart racing and I've been diagnosed with GAD but i feel like I've been misdiagnosed. Idk

hi! there’s a bunch of different symptoms. try talking to your doctor about why they diagnosed you :) stay strong!

Anonymous asked: I think I have anxiety.I feel like crying all the time for no reason I'm sweating at the same time I'm really cold. In December I got really sick, I was in hospital for a month and I wasn't in school for 2 months. My grades aren't as good as they used to be now and that's just too much for me. I told my mom about my thoughts about anxiety and she said that others got problems too.But she is an really understanding person. I have no friends and she is the only person I can talk too. can you help?

Hi! Try explaining to your mom that your anxiety is serious, and not just a normal everyday thing. Tell her you really need help. I promise everything will work out. Stay strong!

Anonymous asked: so, my boyfriend wants me to start meeting his band. so we are going out to dinner with one member and his girlfriend. but I get really bad anxiety when meeting new people because they usually always ask "what do you do" or "why don't you drive" and I don't know how to explain its because of anxiety. so if you have any ideas on how to reply or how to even divert the question, I would be so thankful

Hi! When people ask what you do, tell them. Say “I go to school at x place” or “I work at so and so” or “I’m looking into x but I’m not doing anything right now.” When people ask why you drive, maybe say something like “I don’t think it’s necessary for me.” Practice ways to answer questions before hand, and try to take deep breaths while you’re there and remember it really it’s the end of the world if you don’t know what to say. Stay strong!

Anonymous asked: Hey...I'm 13,going to turn 14 this August. I recently experienced a panic attack three days ago. I also had one last night. I have temporary medication that'll last me another week or so. I was sitting in my living room with my mother and sister watching episode 2 of Dexter when the first one happened. No particular reason at all. I don't see how therapy would help? It was totally random. I have always been anxious and think my fear for another attack is why i get them. I just need meds..right?

Hi! Most people have a panic attack at least once in their life. I know dexter is violent, so that could have triggered it. However, I disagree about you “just needing meds”. From my own experience, medication has been something that’s only used when I really can’t control my anxiety in other ways (i talk about them all the time on here.) you might not need a therapist, but trying to help your anxiety without medication first is probably the safest thing. I would talk to your doctor about it though. Stay strong! :)

Anonymous asked: Hi~ I believe that I'm dealing with OCD, and I haven't seen a therapist about it or anything. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety years back and my therapist was great. But I'm afraid of asking my parents to take me back to therapy (I'm under a lot of pressure to be okay), and how I should talk to my therapist.. Do you think I should make a checklist of my symptoms and just read them to her? I'm afraid she'll just think I'm crazy or misdiagnose me. Do you have any advice for me? Anyone?

Hi! Nobody thinks your crazy. While your parents want you to be ok because they love you, they also want to know if you’re not ok. Just tell your therapist you think you have OCD and then explain why. Nobody is going to be upset with you. Stay strong!

Anonymous asked: it feels like the only way I can be around people and feel like my AvPD isn't taking over is when I'm drunk and it's hard to find meds where it can handle depression and my anxiety do you have any tips for being slightly morecomfortable and not isolated from others? I also tend to say things that isolate people and I'm never aware of it

Hi! Ask people you’re close to what you’re saying that’s isolating. You might not be saying anything offensive-it could just be your anxiety. Talking to your therapist about it is the best thing to do. Stay strong!

Anonymous asked: Hi! I've had anxiety for the past four years and I've been through therapy but I've never felt myself improve. I think I move in and out of recognizing my anxiety, so it's almost like I think I'm cured sometimes. I've been having health problems as a result of my anxiety, such as frequent stomach problems, diarrhea (i know it's gross), frequent urination (no infection), and trouble breathing. I'm not really a fan of antidepressants but I don't know how else to solve this problem...

Hi! Antidepressants are perfectly ok if you need them. Try seeing a psychiatrist or other doctor who can help. Stay strong!

phobiasatthemovies asked: Hello! My wife suffers from Emetophobia (fear of vomit) and together we created a new no spoiler movie site that gives people with phobias (spiders,snakes,clowns,puppets,dolls,vomit,needles,dentist,blood) the ability to watch movies without fear. We give you the when, how graphic and the duration of each scene that occurs in each movie.

so cool! Check it out :)

Anonymous asked: 3/3 i also struggle with, when i have panic attacks, having people see me so upset. i don't know why but i dont want anyone to see me crying and freaking out. i feel disconnected with my friends and just lost, like they don't care about me anymore. They don't ask me to hang out or anything anymore either and i don't know why. I feel like a goddamn burden to them.

Hi! You’re not a burden. I would go back to your second therapist. Tell them therapy is hard for you. Lots of people feel really emotional in therapy! Talk to your mom more about medication. Stay strong!

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