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About: Humor helps. I'm pro recovery and I have anxiety myself. This is meant to shed some light on anxiety and let us all connect and realize we're not alone. If you need anything feel free to message me, and if you have any gifs or ideas submit them(:

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Anonymous asked: I have been having a lot of anxious thoughts lately and they are getting worse thinking about school as I'm going into year 11 at first I just thought I was over exaggerating things but it just feels awful all the time, I feel like I never get a break from it and my parents just don't seem to get it coz' all they say is "it'll be okay" and expect me to be fine? What do I do about school I don't want to tell a teacher because they don't help I've already tried I just feel so trapped? Help please?

Hi! Take a deep breath. It can be hard for people to understand what they haven’t experienced. Try telling a school counselor if you have one. If you don’t, try going to your doctor. They can understand it especially as illness and not just a “phase”. I promise people care about you and you are loved. stay strong

Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm 12, almost 13, which I know is really young, but I'm pretty sure I have anxiety. I've opened up to my best friend completely and I keep telling my mom that I wanna see a professional soon, but she keeps on pushing it off. What do I do to get her to understand how hard it is??

Hi! Try telling her you need to see someone now. See if you can talk to a school counselor or someone else you trust about it. You could even call a counseling office yourself. Stay strong!

OCD & Anxiety Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #29

This is really awesome for people who have trouble of understanding how anxiety is a disease and not just “quirks”


ladythymelord asked: I'm the personal blog associated with obsessivecompulsiveoutlet. I wanted you to know that, while herbal supplements and vitamins can do wonders for some people with anxiety, many can cause adverse reactions, especially in high doses or in people who already take an antidepressant. Natural doesn't always mean safe. Please be careful. :)


eabianchini asked: Wanted to throw out that I found that a B-Vitamin Complex supplement has done wonders for me in being able to cope with anxiety in daily life. Took a while to work but, it really helps me. Also melatonin and Valerian root for insomnia.

Anonymous asked: I told my mom about my anxiety for like the 4th time because she always says "if you know you have it then overcome it" but today i kept going and I told her how i feel but she said that that is normal because im a teen and its a part of puberty and most people feel like i do... So, now what?

Hi! try talking to a school counselor or someone else you trust who can help you. They can help talk to your mom so she understands it’s not just a phase. Sometimes parents need to hear it from another source, too. stay strong!

Anonymous asked: Hi! One anon asked if anxiety can cause physical pain, and it certainly is. I had to be taken to the hospital after a stress disorder left me with severe muscle spasms. The best thing to do is see a doctor about it and/or get help from a counselor.

Anonymous asked: lately I've been having problems with being home alone. I get paranoid, I can't think straight, I'm shaking and every noise makes me jump. I feel like my head is making up voices because I keep hearing sounds and footsteps and conversation but nobody is here. If I sit in my room and miss the sunset then I can't leave until someone else is home, i'll wait there for 2 hours. Right now my dog has to go for a walk, but i can't do it because if I leave the room then I'm sure smth horrible will happen

Hi! Try doing things to make you more comfortable at home (turn most of the lights on, listen to music, etc.) It never hurts to tell someone what’s going on. Take a deep breath, remember that everything is ok, and that you are safe. Take things one step at a time and stay strong!


hahahah that wasn’t intended but i’ll pretend like it was

strivingvaliently asked: Hey! I love reading your blog. Thank you for helping so many people our with the social stigma that comes with suffering with some mental hang ups. I started a blog recently that deals with social anxiety (called Striving Valiently) and I thought we could be Tumblr friends. :) Keep up the good work!

aw! of course we can be friends!

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