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About: Humor helps. I'm pro recovery and I have anxiety myself. This is meant to shed some light on anxiety and let us all connect and realize we're not alone. If you need anything feel free to message me, and if you have any gifs or ideas submit them(:

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Anonymous asked: Hi! One anon asked if anxiety can cause physical pain, and it certainly is. I had to be taken to the hospital after a stress disorder left me with severe muscle spasms. The best thing to do is see a doctor about it and/or get help from a counselor.

Anonymous asked: lately I've been having problems with being home alone. I get paranoid, I can't think straight, I'm shaking and every noise makes me jump. I feel like my head is making up voices because I keep hearing sounds and footsteps and conversation but nobody is here. If I sit in my room and miss the sunset then I can't leave until someone else is home, i'll wait there for 2 hours. Right now my dog has to go for a walk, but i can't do it because if I leave the room then I'm sure smth horrible will happen

Hi! Try doing things to make you more comfortable at home (turn most of the lights on, listen to music, etc.) It never hurts to tell someone what’s going on. Take a deep breath, remember that everything is ok, and that you are safe. Take things one step at a time and stay strong!


hahahah that wasn’t intended but i’ll pretend like it was

strivingvaliently asked: Hey! I love reading your blog. Thank you for helping so many people our with the social stigma that comes with suffering with some mental hang ups. I started a blog recently that deals with social anxiety (called Striving Valiently) and I thought we could be Tumblr friends. :) Keep up the good work!

aw! of course we can be friends!

Anonymous asked: I'm having my first anxiety attack in months and I'm finding it almost impossible to talk myself out of this one. I don't want to go back into my anxiety that I just recently was able to get out of. How can I stop it?

Hi! Take a deep breath. Try coping mechanisms that have helped in the past. There’s nothing wrong with talking to someone about it. Remember that everything will be ok! stay strong

Anonymous asked: Hi so I need some help with something: I'm only 13 which is pretty young I know, but anyway. My mom doesn't believe me that I'm getting panic attacks and have bad anxiety. She keeps telling me to get over it and with school coming, I know it's just going to get worse. She won't take me to a counselor or anything cause she doesn't believe me. How to I convince her it's really happening to me? Thanks so much :)

Hi! Your best option could be to tell a teacher, religious leader, other family member, or anyone who you can trust. If you can talk to them seriously about it, then they can talk to your parents with you so your mom knows this isn’t just an adolescent phase. You can also see a school counselor easily without your parents. Stay strong!

Anonymous asked: i went to my doctor and described instances i thought were panic attacks and when i left her office i was prescribed the medication "citilopram" which after looking up on the internet is a common drug used for people that have anxiety or depression. the doctor never said i have anxiety or depression though so i'm so confused do i have anxiety or not i worry that when i call myself a person with anxiety that i could be unintentionally lying and that makes me feel bad

Hi! You’re not a bad person. If you’re concerned about whether you have anxiety, ask your doctor! You have a right to know why you’re on the medication you’re on. stay strong!

Anonymous asked: Hwy, i just recently got on meds, i'm on xerenex, but i've been having some xoncentration problems and i feel like my thoughts are just a jumbled mess, what should i do? Also i get dizzy

Hi! go talk to your doctor/psychiatrist/whoever perscribed you the medication. They could be side effects that go away, or you might need to change your dosage/medication.

Anonymous asked: Hey I have been living with anxiety since at least the third grade (I'm 23). It has increased throughout school and has had a HUGE effect on relationships with friends and family. I was wondering if you have heard of anyone else having difficulty in social situations, where they may have so much going through their mind on topic, but they just can't get any words out, where it is physically difficult, where it feels almost impossible to speak due to anxiety.

Hi! Yes, I have heard of that. It’s a great idea to talk to a counselor/therapist about it. Anxiety is nothing to worry about being “strange” or “different”. So many people have it and you deserve help! stay strong!

Anonymous asked: I really need help. I have suffererd from social anxiety and just anxiety about everything actually for the past couple years but my parents and siblings and friends just don't understand. They always pressure me to talk to people and make me go to things where there are a lot of people and it drives me insane. I am so scared of everything and life in general I just want to sit in my room by myself. I can't sleep at night bc of my anxiety. And everytime I bring anxiety up they laugh.

Try seriously sitting your parents down and tell them how much you’re hurting and need help. It sounds like they don’t realize that you are being this affected by anxiety. If that doesn’t work, seek help on your own. Try seeing a school counselor, or even just telling another adult figure you trust. You can call your doctor and talk to them about your options for therapists and whatnot. Just don’t give up and stay strong! Know that you are loved and deserve help.

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