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About: Humor helps. I'm pro recovery and I have anxiety myself. This is meant to shed some light on anxiety and let us all connect and realize we're not alone. If you need anything feel free to message me, and if you have any gifs or ideas submit them(:

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Anonymous asked: Im going to see my school councillor about my anxiety etc. , any idea of what I should expect to happen there? What is she/he actually meant to do? And ask? And also with CBT what should I expect to happen there? Thanks :) x

hi! they’re meant to help you. expect them to talk to you and ask you questios. they should be nice and helpful. you can ask them about how to deal with certain issues (ex: i’ve been feeling really nervous about this thing, what can i do to help that?) counselors are trained to make you feel comfortable. stay strong!

Anonymous asked: So when I have my panic attacks(what I think are attacks) I begin to cry sometimes I get a little dizzy or disoriented and breath rapidly and feel nervous. Is this an anxiety attack. I also hate being alone and often do a lot of repetitive behaviour. Plz I know you're not a therapist but is this anxiety. I don't get it all the time. Usually happens when I over think situations or are extremely stressed. Plz reply

it sounds like it could be! talk to somone you trust about it. stay strong!

Anonymous asked: Remember to take care if YOU, that's more important than any blog ♥️ good luck ♥️

aw, thank you! today was really good and i’m feeling a bit better :)

sorry for the lack of posting! I’ve had a lot of anxiety going on in my life and been a bit behind (also with school starting). i should be back to normal soon!

Dear 18 Year Old Me: My Battle with Depression & Anxiety


Anonymous asked: Hi :) I'm 13 young I know but I think I have anxiety or social anxiety lol I have both Or they they same ? Idk anyways I told my mom and she agreed but she shrugged it off it's was not that bad cause I have been in my room all summer but I went to my aunt birthday family get together thing and I started shaking and freaking out and idk what to do

hi! social anxiety is a kind of someone. tell your mom you think you need to see someone about it. let supportive people in your life know and stay strong!

Anonymous asked: (1/2) so I'm only 13 and i think i may have social phobia or GAD but I'm not sure because the symptoms that i have aren't that bad? i just get generally nervous about things, but i think i may have only had an anxiety attack like once. I'm too afraid to tell my parents that i might need to get professional help, because even though they support me and will really hear me out, i don't think they'll understand.

Hi! I would say tell your parents. If you feel at all like you should tell someone, you should. You’re not a bad person and it’s good that you want help! stay strong

Anonymous asked: I just told my boyfriend that we should break up because I felt really insecure and because of that I felt needy so I thought it would be best to break up with him but it was so stupid and now I feel so down that I cannot control my anxiety and it's taking me over completely and wrecking my life

Hi! Take a deep breath. Try telling him what happened. If he understands, great. If not, you don’t need to have him in your life right now. Remember that you are on a journey and these things happen. It’s ok. Try talking to someone professional and people in your life who can relate/understand. Stay strong!

Anonymous asked: hey i've been struggling with my mental health and I can't afford the medication my doctor has prescribed me. if you could share my gofundme link it would mean the world to me, gofundme. com/dm43r4 a simple share goes a long way!!

i’m always careful with posting about money things. however, i know  gofundme is a very safe website! 

Anonymous asked: Hey, uh, i was recently diagnosed with Pure O, and after a few weeks i got this idea, i was like Why don't i write a book? So i decided, why the fuck not? so i started making up characters for the antagonists as psychological problems, you know? and i'm really liking the idea, do you think that it'll be goof for me to write it out like this to give me a new perspective on my disorder?

I think that’s a great idea!

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